An Artist study is the breakdown of the artistic elements in an artwork to discover how it portrays meaning.

Analysing art is an aspect that many students find difficult, practicing it will help you develop your language and skills.


Research the work of African American painter Lois Mailou Jones and create your own Artist study. Use the links on this blog as well as internet searches of your own.

The Artist study should include:

  1. Title (artists name) and dates of birth and death.
  2. Short biography of the artist (information about her life in your own words)
  3. Find and print examples of her work that you think relevant to the project.
  4. Copy at least two of her pictures of her work accurately in appropriate media, A4 or bigger. (Enlarge interesting sections if work is too complicated)
  5. Analyse one of her artworks using one of the appropriate worksheets to help you. Refer to the formal elements and how they affect the mood/meaning
  6. Outline the context of her work by including research on the Harlem renaissance.
  7. Include where you sourced your materials. Books, Internet pages etc

ESSENTIAL TIPS to achieve a great artist study

– Take great care in presenting your work. Cut out and present images neatly.

– Use your own words when describing work. It is obvious when writing is copied straight from the source.

– Be selective. Only include relevant information about artwork. Use bullet points if you find it  hard to write sentences

– Spend time on the appearance of your Artist Study. Use appropriate text and colours that link with the artist’s work and style.

– Be creative. imagine you are creating an eye catching presentation page in a book. What would you find interesting and attractive?


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